The price of the nappy cakes vary according to the tier (number of layers). We make tier 3 and 4 nappy cakes, using quality nappies (i.e. Huggies and Cuddlers). Special theme orders (e.g. Ducky, Me-To-You, Winnie the Pooh, etc) can be made on request, at an additional cost.

Tier 3 = R650-00 (excluding delivery)
- made with about 85 quality nappies
Girls pink tier 3 nappy cake Red tier 3 diaper cake Boys blue Me To You nappy cake
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Tier 4 = R750-00 (excluding delivery)
Orange 4 layer diaper cake Tier 4 christmas theme nappy cake Boys 4 layer nappy cake
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Special Themes (prices vary based on particular theme)
Ducky theme nappy cake Motorbike nappy cake 4-wheeler nappy cake
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Combination Packages
Ducky theme nappy cake
Tier 3 & toiletry basket (R975-00)
Optional extras:
Pampers and Huggies Gold (additional R90-00)
If you prefer we can create your nappy cake with the above more expensive nappies.
Wrapping (additional R35-00)
Tier 2 nappy cake with wrapping Tier 3 nappy cake with wrapping
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Baby shower gifts for guests (varying prices)
Baby towels as gifts for guests at baby showers Cubes as gift for guests at baby showers
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Cupcakes for baby shower guests
Cupcakes for guests in our standard tray Baby shower snacks in our standard box Snacks for guests in exclusive boxes
- Minimum order of 24 cupcakes required
- R15 each packaged in standard trays
- R17 each packaged in standard boxes
- R20 each packaged in exclusive boxes
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Cupcake stands
Cupcake stand for your baby shower Cupcake stand with cupcakes  
- R85-00 each (excluding cupcakes)
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Prices may vary slightly due to availability of toys and accessories. Examples of accessories (about 6-8 per nappy cake) which may be used are: soft toys, baby powder, soap, other toiletries, spoons, brush and comb, face towels, etc.

If you require specific or more expensive products, then it can be arranged at a relevant additional cost.


You get to choose any two colours (e.g. purple and green; pink and blue; etc), and we will try our best to create a nappy cake to match your colour specifications.

If special themes are required (e.g. with Disney characters, etc), then inform us and we can once again customise the cake to suite your specific needs at an additional cost.

Order process

1) Place an order (online, email, or telephone)
2) Accept quotation
3) Pay deposit (50% of total)
4) The nappy cake will then be made
5) A photo of the completed nappy cake will be sent to you
6) Pay the balance (50% of total)
7) The completed nappy cake is delivered to you/available for you to collect

Payment Methods

Payments can be made either as a direct bank deposit or as an electronic fund transfer (EFT). However, if you personally collect the nappy cake from us we will accept cash.

Banking details
Bank: ABSA
Account name: N.D Govender
Account number: 4051642172
Account type: Cheque account
Branch: Towers North (632005)
Reference: NCC-"your name"


Your completed nappy cake can either be picked up from us, or it can be delivered to you or a designated location (including selected hospitals in Gauteng) with an additional delivery fee of R185-00.

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