Baby Shower Extras

Nappy Cake Classics offers some extras for your nappy cake and baby shower to help cater for your additional needs. These extras (e.g. wrapping, gifts, and snacks) are charged as an additional cost.

Wrapping (for the nappy cake)
This optional extra will add more elegance to the nappy cake.
Price = R35-00

Wrapping of blue nappy cake Wrapping on pink diaper cake Wrapping on 3 layer blue nappy cake for boys  

Gifts for Guests
If you are hosting a baby shower, we also offer a variety of small gifts to give to your guests to remember this great occasion.

The prices of these gifts vary according to availabilty and the quantity required. Enquire about these gifts on the order form when placing your order, or contact us directly.

Please note that we only supply these gifts to clients who are purchasing a nappy cake from us.

Towels Cubes Basket
Ribbons Bottles Broche
Toys Larger towels to be given to guests at the baby shower Charms for guests of your baby shower

Snacks for Guests
We also offer edible cupcakes to be served as snacks at your baby shower. These cupcakes are delicious and keep the theme of a baby shower.

R 15-00 per cupcake (standard trays)
R 17-00 per cupcake (standard boxes)
R 20-00 per cupcake (exclusive boxes)

Please note that we only supply these cupcakes when atleast 24 are required by a client who is purchasing a nappy cake from us.

Cupcakes with standard trays
(R15-00 ea.)
Nappy Cake Classics sells cupcakes as extras for your baby shower Hand-crafted cupcakes for your baby shower "Mum" cupcakes in our standard clear packaging
Cupcakes with standard boxes
(R17-00 ea.)
Standard boxe packaging for cupcakes    
Cupcakes with exclusive boxes
(R20-00 ea.)
Exclusive packaging for your baby shower cupcakes    

Cupcake Stands
Stands which can display up to 24 cupcakes are also available. These cupcake stands make for attractive displays at your baby shower. The stands can be disassembled for easy storage.

Price = R85-00 (excluding cupcakes)

Please note that we only supply these cupcake stands to clients who are purchasing a nappy cake from us.

Cupcake stand Cupcake stand with cupcakes    

To find out more about these extras, their availabilty and prices, please enquire while or after placing your order for a nappy cake.

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